How we can help

Willows are a group of hardworking individuals whose working life goal is to deliver a great service to all its customers.

Our aim is to assist printers of all sizes by providing them with great quality plates and film at the lowest possible prices.

We can help you if you are in any of these situations:

  • You may have invested in your own CTP system but need back-up
  • You may be considering buying a CTP system but just can't justify the expenditure yourself - well don't bother, let us help you
  • You may be buying CTP plates from another printer - check our prices out
  • You may be buying film in and imposing yourself - check our prices out
  • You may be brokering, well please feel free to negotiate a deal with us and broker our services

And when we've sorted it all out, you can sit back and take it easy!

Problems with artwork?
  • We use Agfa Apogee PrePress v7 workflow software
  • We will pre-proof and repair artwork before plates are made through state-of-the-art correction software to help out on those tricky jobs
  • We can process direct from PDF, Quark, InDesign, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other file types

How to contact us
Production office: 0208 325 4444
Sales Enquiries: 0208 325 4444
Artwork e-mail:
International House
Cray Avenue
Kent BR5 3RS